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Make-A-Wish: How You Can Help Children Battling Critical Illnesses

Since I spend a lot of time working with organizations in the social impact sector, I get asked what organizations I recommend to people who are looking to volunteer or donate time and money. I have a whole section on my website with social impact organizations I work with...

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5 Influential Events You Need to Attend in February

Photo credit: What a February! There are many ways to get inspired and informed about our community this month. There are opportunities to network, learn about some of the amazing local social impact organizations and ways to get involved in them. I hope you’ll join me! Event: Center...

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5 Amazing Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement

America is definitely one of the most generous countries in the world. Merrill Lynch offered up the numbers from a study that support this statement; last year, Americans donated $358 billion last year, and most of it came from families and individuals, not corporations. Americans of all races and...

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