For many of us, retirement is something we look forward to our entire lives. It’s seen as a reward for working hard for countless years. The idea of not setting an alarm every day, not answering to a boss, and being able to sit around and do whatever you want whenever you want can sound
You may be a regular, committed supporter of an organization, doing your best to be generous in your gifts to help achieve the organization’s mission. But it’s not always easy – or wise – to simply write a check when your cause needs your help. Are you aware there are other ways to complete your
Since I spend a lot of time working with organizations in the social impact sector, I get asked what organizations I recommend to people who are looking to volunteer or donate time and money. I have a whole section on my website with social impact organizations I work with or recommend. You can find it
America is definitely one of the most generous countries in the world. Merrill Lynch offered up the numbers from a study that support this statement; last year, Americans donated $358 billion last year, and most of it came from families and individuals, not corporations. Americans of all races and ages are generous, but retirees especially