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Secrets to a happy retirement

When people are looking forward to retirement, they often dream about being rejuvenated, taking time to travel or golf, or enjoy a number of other hobbies. But when it comes right down to it, a life of leisure sometimes doesn’t feel quite like people expected. So, now what? How...

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Grandma’s House of Hope: How you can help the under-served women, children, and families of Orange County

In today’s blog post, I want to highlight the amazing work that is being done by Grandma’s House of Hope. Grandma’s House of Hope was founded in 2004 by Je’net Kreitner and her husband Patrick Kreitner. Having experienced homelessness firsthand, this was a very personal journey for Je’net. Grandma’s...

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4 Ways to Improve Your Financial Health

When it comes to your overall health, we often think of physical, emotional, and mental health. Financial health seems to oftentimes take a backseat. However, the ironic thing is that financial health greatly contributes to your overall mental and emotional health. So ultimately, it cannot be overlooked. Here are...

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How to Find the Perfect Volunteer Opportunity in Orange County

Image: WHW/Facebook Paul Irving, from Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging, says “Evidence-based research demonstrates that purposeful aging improves the lives of older adults and the beneficiaries of their service.” In other words, volunteering is good for your health and looks like it helps you live longer....

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Instead of retiring, do these things and live an amazing life

For many of us, retirement is something we look forward to our entire lives. It’s seen as a reward for working hard for countless years. The idea of not setting an alarm every day, not answering to a boss, and being able to sit around and do whatever you...

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