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12 Fantastic Books on Philanthropy You Should Check Out

Many times, picking up a meaningful book can give you insight and inspiration. Along those lines, I was inspired to put together this post focusing on some of the best books on philanthropy and giving or giving back. You know my passion is helping people find or regain a...

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Bracken’s Kitchen: Making a Difference One Meal at a Time

Image:’s Kitchen Many groups may say that they feed people but feeding them and nourishing them are a bit different. That’s why Bracken’s Kitchen makes healthy, nutritious meals more accessible by traveling around and bringing the food to those who need it most. Bracken’s Kitchen is the brainchild...

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Spring Volunteer Opportunities in Orange County

Spring is a season of hope and renewal, signaling the chance at new beginnings. While local Orange County nonprofits always need additional help, volunteering during the spring is a great time to get involved and help our local community through acts of kindness. If you’re looking for ways to...

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How to incorporate philanthropy into your business

While your profits and your employees may be your top priorities when you’re a business owner, philanthropy should be right up there with them. Incorporating philanthropy into your business plan can be very beneficial. Besides the obvious of doing good and helping others in your community, philanthropy also helps...

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How to Find Your Purpose in Retirement

For years and years, you got up every morning, went to work, and had a purpose. You had something specific to do each day. But, even if you loved your job and it gave you a reason to wake up every day, you’ve probably daydreamed about retirement. The truth...

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