November is Philanthropy Month

What a month November is shaping up to be for supporting local nonprofits and philanthropy. Here is a listing and description of events that I’ll be attending and supporting this month: November 5: Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy will host its luncheon speaker series “Philanthropy as a Strategic Business Advantage” featuring Sherri Neasham, independent exit
Philanthropy is becoming more important to both employers and their employees. A report from The Giving USA Foundation found that more individuals want a say in how they give their time and money through the workplace. They also want to have a say about how their employers give back and which charities they support. When

Nonprofit Spotlight: Fristers

There are many organizations in Orange County that are helping people not only survive day-to-day but also make a better life for themselves. Fristers is one of those organizations. Fristers is a non-profit group located in Irvine, California that helps teen parents and their children. Many teen parents find themselves trying to raise a child
Once people discover their passion, they may be under the misconception that it must be separate from their actual work. Not true! There are many ways in which the two can work together to create a meaningful and fulfilling life for you. Here are some ideas of how to easily align your work and passion:
As many of you know, this topic is near and dear to my heart, as I spent more than 30 years providing customary investment planning services to my clients before discovering my real purpose. Since a good portion of my work is around the area of retirement planning, I saw many fall into the trap

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