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5 Fantastic Benefits of Multigenerational Philanthropic Giving

5 Fantastic Benefits of Multigenerational Philanthropic Giving

When you think about philanthropic giving, you may think about older adults sharing their time, money, and talent. But, philanthropy doesn’t need to be nor should it be something that can only pertain to our older generations.

On the contrary, philanthropy is something that people of all ages can take part in, and it’s a fantastic activity to do together on a multigenerational level. Not only do the nonprofit recipients reap the rewards of multigenerational philanthropic giving, but families can also benefit in several ways.

Families can strengthen their bond through giving and philanthropy.

When lives are busy with school, careers, and extracurricular activities, family bonding can unintentionally take a back seat. Philanthropic giving and volunteering provide a great avenue to strengthen the family bond. It allows families to work together for the benefit of the community and spend valuable time together that may otherwise be lost. Everyone benefits in this scenario, not only the recipients of the charity but also the family who gets to spend quality time together.

The younger generation can use their technical skills to educate and help.

When families take part in philanthropic giving together, the younger generation can use their tech-savvy internet and computer skills to research or help a particular cause. They can teach their older family members about the benefits the internet can have to reach groups in the philanthropic space. They can organize data, post to social media, and help spread the mission of nonprofits they support. As a bonus, older family members can get a lesson in technology as the whole family helps others.

Philanthropy lives on through the next generation.

For philanthropy to continue making an impact on our world, we need to involve the next generation. Frankly, without the help of younger people, philanthropic groups will cease to exist. Just as a trade or business is passed down through generations, a family can also pass down the need and importance of philanthropy. It can become a cycle that gets passed on continually so that we can continue making our world a better place for decades to come.

Philanthropic giving can open new doors for the next generation.

Multigenerational philanthropic giving can not only strengthen the family unit, but it can also provide new opportunities for the next generation. Young people can gain valuable life skills and meet new people through the process. Experience with philanthropic giving can teach young people how to function in the “real world” so that they will have a taste of what to expect when they get older. The connections they make can lead to exciting opportunities down the road.

Families learn about issues that affect their communities.

Through multigenerational philanthropy, families can learn how global issues are connected to things going on right in their communities. By involving the entire family, many times younger members can research issues and see their impact on a much larger scale. They can use this information and combine it with knowledge from older family members to have a much bigger impact.

When families take part in philanthropic giving and volunteering together, everyone benefits. It helps better the lives of others while also helping your family members develop new skills, empathy for others, and a passion for giving back.

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